How Gangsta Are You?

If you are from the block,ghetto,block,or a poor neighborhood this should be easy,but if you are just a wannabee this will be hard for you cuz your not gangster so dont even try.

When you take this quiz you will find out if u will last on the block or in the ghetto or if you will wind up dead inthe middle of the street or in the hospital bloody.

Created by: BRIAN

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  1. where do u hide your gun in your car?
  2. What outfit would chu where to a party?
  3. where do u leave your gun?
  4. Have you been shot and not shot back?
  5. Do u walk alone without gettin jumped?
  6. Whats in your hand when your Chillin?
  7. what does " Lay Back in the cut Break yo self" mean?
  8. R u in a gang?
  9. Do u wear a dew rag?
  10. What do u listen to in ur car?

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Quiz topic: How Gangsta am I?