How funny are you?

Are you funny or are you not funny. if you want to find out just take this quiz and you will find out in a few minutes how funny you really are!!! only 12 questions.

Are You FUNNY? Do you have the humor to be really funny. Well, if you want to know, just take this quiz and then in a few minutes you will find you you really are!

Created by: Leo27487

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  1. One time, it's all quiet and someone does a big fart. What do ya do?
  2. your mom is so dum that she tells her kids your mom jokes
  3. whats your favourite comedy, entertainment and cartoon show
  4. What's your favorite letter?
  5. Do your friend's think your funny?
  6. Choose a Random colour.
  7. Do you think about stuff and laugh when your all alone?
  8. If you owned a circus, what would the phone number be?
  9. Do you like this quiz?
  10. Are you ready to know your results?

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Quiz topic: How funny am I?