How Funny are You

Brilliant comedians aren't just born into their funny ways, they practice and show natural humor. Each person has to contain some type of humor. Some people are funnier than others,some lack the power. But it doesn't matter because overall, everyone is funny in their own ways. But this quiz is asking you... how funny are you?

Are you funny to the point people would love seeing your face around town? Will you accept the prestigious title of being humorous with others and yourself? But in thanks of this quiz, you'll find out!

Created by: Christina

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  1. If your best friends got into a real heated argument and there was a pause would you try to break the tension by:
  2. If something wrong happened at a talent show, you would try to entertain the audience by:
  3. If your mom were to say something embarrassing about you in public you'd:
  4. If your family were to take a hike up a very large mountain and you all got stuck in footholes you'd:
  5. If you're someone at a wedding up to give a passionate speech, at the end you:
  6. If you were to start chugging down food and someone starts talking to you you:
  7. What do you desire more?
  8. If you wake up one morning, brush your teeth and get the cereal box, and it's empty you'd:
  9. If you were playing a video game and you always died on a certain level you'd:
  10. If you were just rescued from being kidnapped by the police you'd:

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