hilarious quiz will you laugh

This is going to be the most hilarious quiz you've ever seen on this site or at least at least top 10 hilarious quizzes so I only made this cuz I wanted to make something funny for the audience and why am I calling you in audience

Cuz you're not really watching me or are you creepy just kidding but I am watching you just kidding but my dad is watching you just kidding but my sister is watching you with her creepy two-year-old eyes

Created by: Amy
  1. Jhjjjiuhwuuwuwushxuwxhuhgyxbuwyqhquwxuhux
  2. Why is six afraid of seven
  3. My friend: why is six afraid of seven me: because seven ate nine( sarcasm) I know that joke it's stupid shut up
  4. I know these aren't questions I'm just trying to make you laugh
  5. This isn't a question but if you think these are funny will you please please please put it in the comments and no bad comments please I know these are incredibly stupid and dumb questions and they aren't even questions I know but this is my dream to make quizzes for people and have them leave nice comments please please please this is my dream
  6. *hfgj do you know what my baby sister always used to saytitle title titles--- that's her nickname now tittle
  7. We use the word title so often I can stop calling her tittle
  8. We're almost done are you ready for your answer
  9. We only have a couple little questions left
  10. Here's a tongue twister Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers try saying that five times fast

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