how funny are you

so you think your funny, well let's see, take the ultimate so you think your funny quiz and let's see. you think your funny or you don't this quiz will tell you all

are you funny enough to get 100 percent or just some person who thinks he/she is funny. take the quiz and see you funny faith. try and get above 80, thats my challenge. comment what you got please

Created by: abbsrock

  1. first question. how funny do you think you are. (be honest)
  2. whats your favorite genre of movie
  3. are you a class clown
  4. which book do you prefer
  5. which song do you prefer
  6. EAT YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. why did the chicken cross the road
  8. which t.v series do you prefer
  9. what do other people think of you
  10. okay last question. ready
  11. what type of laugh do u prefer

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Quiz topic: How funny am I