How Funny are you

This is my quiz take it and laugh. it will tell you how funny you are and how funny your not. i am funny i am awesome hardcore and ballin outa controll if you dare mock me i will rend your sould and devour your face ok nub not take the quiz.

Are you funny ....probably not. you are boring and stupid thats what you are. What dont believe me take the quiz. i bet you fail its the greatest quiz in the world i promise you. it will tell you how funny you arent k ok i said is that ok or am i gonna have to lay down the law

Created by: Boxey

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. There is a death in your family of a distant aunt and you go to the wake what do you do?
  2. Pick a saying that explains you.
  3. Favorite Mythical Creature
  4. Bo Burnhams Best Song
  5. Who is the Anti Christ
  6. Who Would Win In a fight
  7. Weapon Of Choice
  8. CandleJack
  9. Favorite Sterotypes
  10. I want to see....
  11. Alignment
  12. Sex in the missonary Possition
  13. Black People
  14. Who am I
  15. Color
  16. Michael J. Fox
  17. What is evil to you
  18. LAST QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!apple bottom jeans

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