How fun are you? (DON'T YOU DARE CLICK)

F-u- n. That's one word that most people love to hear (except when teachers say it) and usually it brings a smile to everyone's face. This world would be pretty dull without it.

What do you think? Are you fun? Are you insanely fun? Well my quiz doesn't test that far but it does see how fun you are. Take it! Wait... DON'T TAKE IT! I told you in the title....

Created by: purplepink01

  1. Okay, you're friend asks you what she/he should do for her/his birthday. Pick one.
  2. Why did you click this quiz?
  3. In your group of friends, you're the...
  4. Are you being honest with your answers?
  5. What do you do at recess, during free time, break, etc.?
  6. What does F-U-N spell?
  7. How fun are you?
  8. How does the scariest ride at the water park sound?
  9. Which one sounds not fun?
  10. How do you feel about life?
  11. Okay, I'm going to be creating a shout out quiz. Whoever comments on this quiz (good comments) or what kind of nerd are you will be on the shout out. You interested?

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Quiz topic: How fun am I? (DON'T YOU DARE CLICK)