Are you a dare-devil person?

Many people do not want to express there crazy, dare devil personality and are afraid to show it off. First off, a true dare devil will do anything, how bout you see how much dare devil you have inside of you.

Are you a dare devil? Are you sure you know what it takes to be one? Until this point you may have been saying yes, but this simple quiz will actually tell you if you truly are a dare devil at heart

Created by: starr
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  1. Would you travel to crazy places?
  2. Would you prefer sky diving or couch diving?
  3. Would you try rare food?
  4. Are you into swimming with sharks?
  5. Would you love to try rare raw fish?
  6. Do you like me?
  7. Do you wanna swim with jellyfish?
  8. Do you like stone fish?
  9. Would you kiss a lion fish?
  10. Lets go see some elephant seals.
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Quiz topic: Am I a dare-devil person?