Are you Devil's Endurance Material?

Are You a devil with games? TaKe the quiz and see if you're in the club. You're about to be put to the test.

Think you can do this? Well get ready because this quiz is about to challenge you!

Created by: L10n K1ng
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  1. What was the 6th Mario game?
  2. Your favorite system is...
  3. Cookie Masterson is on which game?
  4. Which one of these games aren't real?
  5. Which of these minigames aren't on the 1st Wii Sports?
  6. Which move is on Dance Central?
  7. What do you punch to stay concious in Kinect Sports Boxing?
  8. What food is a lie?
  9. Which form is not in WarioWare: Smooth Moves?
  10. Which is the 1st element Spyro learns in Season of Ice?

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Quiz topic: Am I Devil's Endurance Material?