how florida are you?

so i hope that you learned something about yourself. i mean if you scored low and its very low im so sorry...but you just dont know where you belong. you really need to ask your parents to help you to get to know your home.if you dont have parents ask your friends if you dont have friends boy your in trouble.

so you really know your stuff? im very proud of you..i think unless you cheated. i mean they were tuff questions. i want you do do me a favor and thank your parents and friends for teaching you about who you are...i mean im not really from here but ive livved here for 10 years so i know it all. lol

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  1. where in florida do you live?
  2. do you know how to get to downtown in jacksonville
  3. where is you favorite place to go during the summer
  4. where do you stand when it comes to partying?
  5. are you you a football fan?
  6. do you wear flip flops?
  7. do you say yall when you refer to someone
  8. which do you prefer?
  9. have you ever heard of douglas anderson school of the arts
  10. have you camped at the beach for more than 3 days
  11. do you drink ice tea
  12. do you think we have an accent?
  13. do you like the beach

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Quiz topic: How florida am I?