How Fast Can You Spread my Name Around?

Hello! Welcome to this quiz! I was just wondering how fast you can spread my name! :D wow. is smart. :p it's been taking me forever to make this paragraph

Well, here goes my second paragraph. Heehee. Stalling.... :p so how are you? I have 84 characters, hey wait, now I have 120. I don't know about you, but that's funny! OK, you can take the quiz now!

Created by: hoggywog
  1. How many people will you tell in ONE day about me and my quizzes?
  2. Will you tell those people to tell you so that you can tell me when they take the quizzes?
  3. Hey, did that question make sense?
  4. Will you tell your friends when I make a new quiz?
  5. These are the quizzes I have so far, "Do You Know the Secret?", "JUST TAKE THIS QUIZ!", "How Much do You Know About Howrse?", "Are You My Type of Guy? (guys only, please)", "Only Take This Quiz if You Are Bored", and "Take This Quiz, Please". Isn't that cool? :D
  6. Will you tell your friends about this quiz?
  7. How many of my quizzes do you like?
  8. Guess what? All of the quizzes that I've made before this won't have my new signature (except for "Only Take This Quiz" and "Take This Quiz, Please") I'll still go by the name hoggywog, but there'll at least be one question that has my little thingy. :)k?
  9. Did THAT question make sense?
  10. I'll try and explain question 10 again. Or at least I'll try. All of the quizzes I make AFTER this quiz will have a question that will make no sense at all. Remember, I'll still go by the name hoggywog. Oh, and the question that won't make sense will be the same question in every quiz.Does that make more sense?

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Quiz topic: How Fast can I Spread my Name Around?