How Far Are You In Japanese?

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You probably want to learn and be fluent in Japanese but are you really devoting your time into it? Take this quiz to find out your percentage on the Japanese Language!

Take this quiz if you studied Japanese for a while now and you wanna know what to work on or what you resource you need to get better with your Japanese.

Created by: OxVanessaHxO

  1. Do you use Romaji?
  2. Have you mastered all 107 characters of Hiragana?
  3. Have you mastered all 107 of Katakana?
  4. Do you know AT LEAST 100 useful Kanji?
  5. Do you know most of the important Japanese phrases? For example (in romaji) : "Ogenki desu ka?
  6. Do you watch any videos on learning Japanese?
  7. Do you listen to the Japanese language without English subtitles?
  8. How much do you study this language?
  9. Do you have anyone to speak Japanese with?
  10. Last question, do you really want to devote yourself into learning the Japanese Language?

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Quiz topic: How Far am I In Japanese?