How Much Do You Know About Feudal Japanese History?

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Feudal Japan is an amazing time in history. It's people, the events that happened then, will hopefully have you interested. Oh, and I only put in one question where you need to know a date of something.

I encourage everyone who has got between 0% and 100%, on doing this quiz to go and do a little research on this time. C'mon! There's always more to learn Enjoy!

Created by: Emmarie

  1. There were three main unifiers in feudal Japan. One of them is below. Who is it?
  2. Remember, there were three great unifiers of feudal Japan! Which of these is another?
  3. So... who was the first great unifier of feudal Japan?
  4. Who or what were 'daimyo' in feudal Japan?
  5. Who was the first shogun?
  6. The word 'shogun' is short for 'seii-tai-shogun'. This was a given title which meant:
  7. During the feudal age, the emperors had virtually no practical power. All the real rulership of Japan fell to the shogun.
  8. Samurai were the only fighting men who made up the army during the feudal age.
  9. The word 'bushi', means:
  10. The feudal age began with the 'reign' of the first shogun in 1192. The feudal age of Japan ended in the year:
  11. The feudal system of Japan was generally more regulated than that of Europe.
  12. Who was Miyamoto Musashi?
  13. All these were very important 'virtues' for a warrior to have. But which was possibly the _most_ important out of these listed?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Feudal Japanese History?