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  • Your Result: Come my brother, we have a world to dominate...

    You are ruthless and cold to the bone. You do not hesitate to put yourself on front of others and use your friends as tools. Just remember that being cold has it's disadvantages, it can surprisingly pay of to have some close friends

    So unds like me. (:

  • Your Result: Your.. kinda evil

    You feel some evil in you, but your conscience rules over you. If you want to be on top in this world, you need to release the three weakness as stated by Monty Burns: Friends, Religion, and Family. On the up side a lot of people may at the least like you...

    Your.. a good person
    Your what I like to call a tool
    You are evil

    Come my brother, we have a world to dominate...


  • You think being nice is SICKENING? Excuse me, but without nicness our world would be nothing but a ton of dead bodies and emptyness. Now, to YOU, this is probably heaven. But to most OTHER people, this is a terrible fate. Catching on? Good. Now think twice before you call 3/4's of the planet sickening.

  • [b][url=[no urls]]How evil are you?[/url][/b]
    You r Result: [b]Your.. a good person[/b]

    You sicken me! your kind and loving, this is your weakness. You are yet to find the true path of power, your mind is covered with pony's and flower's, why the hell did you take this quiz?

    [i]Result Breakdown:[/i]
    86% Your.. a good person
    50% You are evil
    40% Your what I like to call a tool
    36% Your.. kinda evil

    28% Come my brother, we have a world to dominate...

    [url=[ no urls]]Quiz Created on GoTo Quiz[/url]

    LoL, sounds like me, mostly good but with a dark side.

    (And some of y'all take these quizzes too seriously. Yeesh!)

  • Ewwwwwww man ponies and flowers are disgusting, the only flowers I like are black roses and what the hell? I am not good, i just have good intentions, I am actually quite evil at times.......AND MY MIND AIN'T COVERED WITH PONIES N FLOWERS EITHER!! (it's covered with weird stuff like the moon, midnight, withering willows, etc.....yeah I don't know what's wrong with me

  • Its says im a good person but i think i can bbe bad sometimes.I'll laugh at something like someone being kicked out of their house.If i find money on the street I'll take it.But im not so cruel where i'll kill someone.You said for the good one that i sicken you.Well you sicken me that means you want to kill someone.Good luck in Hell!Ok sorry that was harsh i take it back. :( im sorry.Dn't burn in hell.Live in heaven. :)

  • Ok i no i'am a good person but i h8 ponys and flowers are not my fave things and kindness may make you sick and may be your weakness but it's not mine ! good quiz though it was ok

    lil peepz
  • WHAT! stupid quiz. i dont think about stupid ponies and flowers. ok well i do good stuff but whats wrong with that? AND ONCE AGAIN. WHAT THE HELL! my mind is usually just random and weird stuff. xD

  • my mind is not covered with ponies and flowers, yeh i like ponies but i h8 flowers, i like dark stuff, black, fighting, im messed up.

    X Jess X
  • i got good person. FYI love and kindness is not a weakness it is a strength.

  • OK...
    is nt
    flower s
    ...b ut
    rea lly
    espec ially


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