How Emo Are you?

There are a few emo's in the world but not very many that are the full works. You probably wear the clothes and dont slit your wrists or dont do anything like that at all. But it doesnt matter as the world needs all sorts of people to keep going.

Are you an emo? Do you knoe your Stuff when it comes to music wearing emo clothes ? well you are about to find out just take the quiz and see. You could be an emo at heart and not know it!

Created by: Dani Hanlon
  1. Do you Care if you Cut yourself either accidently or on purpose?
  2. What is your Fave Colour
  3. Who is the vocalist of MCR? (Thats my chemical romance for all you dumb asses out there)
  4. What Band sings Kiss Me? No Searching on the internet!!!
  5. What Band sings Dance Dance?
  6. If you could die your hair any colour what would it be?
  7. What is the coolest thing you can wear round your neck?
  8. What is the 11th song on the CD The Black Parade from MCR?
  9. What is the 1st line in the song teenagers?
  10. Do you think you are an emo?
  11. Ok last qeustion... What is the best TV channel out of the following...

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Quiz topic: How Emo am I?