Will You Join The Black Parade?

If You Passed The Quiz..Congrats..You Officially DIED And Reunited With The Friendly Locals Of This Black And White Wasteland Of Peace..And Music..:) SO THROW ON THE BLACK DRESS MIX IN WITH LOT! AND MARCH ON

If You Enjoyed This Tragic Affair Test Send It To The Killjoys Of The Internet And To The People You Know And Also Thanks For Taking This Quiz Fabulous Killjoy!

Created by: Jason Rowe
  1. Now..First.. What Is The Black Parade? Really?
  2. Did You Suffer With Depression Once?..Or Do You Suffer With Anxiety Or Do You Suffer With Whatever?
  3. Is Everything Gonna Be Okay?
  4. You Would Rather Wear...?
  5. Favorite Book?
  6. Skeleton Or Vampire?
  7. You Would Rather Date A..
  9. Do You Think Tarat Cards Work?
  10. Is It Okay To Be Depressed?
  11. What Is Your Relationship Status?
  12. What Is Your Favorite Band?
  13. Are You A Outsider
  14. Favorite Element?
  15. Favorite Instruments?
  16. So Paint It Black!
  17. We Are Almost Done...
  18. Are You Currently Wearing All Black
  19. ...I'M Sorry But Tomorrow You're Gonna Die...Well Atleast The Song (Dead By My Chemical Romance SAYS That)
  20. The G Note..
  21. Ahem...This Quiz Is Almost Over SAY SOMETHING QUICK
  22. Goodbye..Possibly You'll Die Tomorrow

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Quiz topic: Will I Join The Black Parade?