How embarrassing is your dad

maybe this quiz will be good but i doubt it any way i was just bored when i did this quiz. pleaseate and please comment. thx if u will. i dunno wat to say.

why do they do a secondparagraph. its strange. oh well. wats ur favourite colour. mine is yellow.this is a great quiz you know. i love it.u love it to.

Created by: jasmin

  1. does he wipe makeup of ur face in front of ur mates?
  2. Does he call you his little baby in public?
  3. im so bored (doesn't have any effect)
  4. does ur dad tell you not to where short skirts to partys?
  5. what colour are his eyes. (no effect.)
  6. will you rate?
  7. will you comment?
  8. does he tell your friends embarrassing stuff about you?
  9. does he wear hot pants?
  10. 2 more questions!
  11. did u like this quiz
  12. do ya wanna see ur results?

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Quiz topic: How embarrassing is my dad