How easy can you get a girl?

so many guys , few thatgirls actually like , what do we really think and do you really have achance with us , find what we really think of YOU!! or you may just never know untill it is to late.

Are you a girl magnent or a guy never to be loved . how much chance do you have with the girls , find out here !!!! or you may never know. so find out right now in this exciting NEW quiz.

Created by: Verity Andrews
  1. When you start dateing a girll you say to her
  2. What is the first thing you see in a girl???
  3. What Thing MUST you girlfriend have?
  4. what thing must she NOT HAVE!
  5. When i hot girl starts talking to you , what do you do?
  6. dose she have to have ....
  7. what quality do you look for
  8. what dose love mean to you
  9. how do you get your crushes attention ???
  10. pick a card
  11. so are you ready to see if you can actally get a girl

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Quiz topic: How easy can I get a girl?