Does He Crush On You?

We've all known some guy that we wondered, "Does he like me like how I like him?" I have, many, many times. I also know that I look for quizzes in hope of answering that question. but there never seems to be the right one. Well, this is an easy quiz to take and should hopefully help you answer that question!

It's easy. You just click on which best describes you and that special guy. Make sure you're honest with yourself when you answer, not just choosing what you know will make it seem like he loves you. Being honest is the only way to know the truth. (note: this test was made in mind for a girl to take, not a guy)

Created by: Gretchen
  1. To start this off, when you first see him, how does he react?
  2. You two are the only people (besides the bus driver) on the bus. What does he do?
  3. What does he look like around you?
  4. Him and his buddies run into you and a couple of your friends at the movies. What happens?
  5. How many memorable moments (for both of you) have you had?
  6. Does he touch you???
  7. Does he joke around with you?
  8. Seriously. Be honest with yourself. Do you two REALLY have a lot in common?
  9. What is your current relationship?
  10. What famous duo do you two most resemble? (note: things in ( ) are the names of the TV/Movie/Book)
  11. Is there a lot of flirting action between you two?

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