How East Dedham are You?

East Dedham is a proud section of the Dirty D in which we belong to. People from ED are among the most elite members of the Dedham society. Take the quiz to see how elite and how East Dedham you are.

Are you from East Dedham? Do you think you know much about East Dedham? Are you touch enough to walk the streets of ED and know your way around? Maybe this quiz will answer your questions about whether your honestly from East Dedham or not.

Created by: Seanie Mac
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  1. What is E.D. Pazzle?
  2. What can someone do at Spoonies?
  3. If someone tells you that they are down the cuts, where are they?
  4. What two towns boarder East Dedham?
  5. How many waterfalls are there in East Dedham?
  6. In what year was the East Dedham bridge next to CVS rebuilt?
  7. What elementary school did you go to?
  8. What is Mother Brooke?
  9. What does the "Vets" refer to?
  10. What store used to be where CVS is?

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Quiz topic: How East Dedham am I?