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  • I Know Im not all book smart. But I Do have a lot of common sense!! I'd rather have common sense & can make it in this world then just be book smart only... Bc this generation doesn't even have enough smarts to: Pour piss out of a boot with the instructions on the bottom!! I am a survivor and I have four very smart kids in common sense all the way!! And Book Smart Too. My Grandkids are Very Smart too.

    I am A Lot Smarter than this Test shows.

    So To Any1 who Didn't score "smart". Don't let this Test bring you down. Bc Im Smart enough to Run My Own Busines.Im an Inventor, song lyrics writer, an have Lots of Recipes that will make your mouth water& wanting more.

    I have Raised 4 Kids On My Own W/o THEIR " Daddy's help!! Everyone Turns to me For All kinds of help bc Im Right Most of All the time. So... Not Book Savvy .So What... Im Also 50& Didn't get here by being stupid. Tgats for sure

  • THis quiz is full of trick questions like the old kids poem:

    Railroad Crossing
    Look Out for the Cars!
    Can you spell that
    Without any "R"s?
    Sure..." T H A T ". See

    I do understand in question 9 that the teacher is holding up September's calendar and asks how many have 28 days in "this" month?

    But I do beg to differ that, no matter how you word it, the answer should be "one" because even tho there are 30 days in September, there are ALSO 28 days in September, inclusive.

  • Adjusting for inflation they are all worth the same. when used in the same year, so it is either 1908 if talking about back then, or none because $0.25 is $0.25.

    A year was not provided for the "28 day" question, making it a guess unless you know what year the quiz was made.

    A few questions are intentionally meant to be trick questions, more importantly the horse one that could be determined as "left alive", but it is 33 since the bodies may still be there. The wording was absolutely terrible.

    There are also some spelling errors that make me question the creator's ability to test this. Not to mention that this is not a serious quiz.

  • For the horse question, how many are left? You mean alive or dead? Left dead are 27. Left alive are 9. That makes no sense.

    Now for the quarter and nickel quesiton..."ONE of them is NOT a NICKEL". That could mean either one is not a nickel. Does that mean the other one is not a nickel? Or the other one is a nickel? Or what? That makes no sense.

    And for the question about the calendar, unless it's a leap year, there are 28 days in February. "Which of these months has 28 days?" FEBRUARY.

    And the greenhouse...are you talking about an actual greenhouse or a green coloured house?

    Reword your questions so they can be understandable and not too vague, dumb---.

  • Whoever made this quiz is a moron. 5 questions are either extremely vague or just outright wrong:

    3: We can't distinguish weather your talking about a green colored house, or a literal plant greenhouse. There are two right answers to this one: glass, or green blocks. Exclude one or the other in the answer column if you want this question to be logical.

    6: How many are left? All the horses, stupid! It's just that 9 are still alive and the rest are dead. Reword your question to ask how many are still living.

    9: The calendar the teacher is holding still has 12 months that contain 28 days, regardless of what time of year this scenario is taking place. Idiot.

    10: There are two right answers to choose from.

    11: The act of adjusting for inflation makes a set number of the same coin from any era the same value.

  • The numbers in the quarter question do not refer to years but the amts of quarters therfore the biggest number would be the right answer.

    Unless this test came out in a leap year the answer to the 28 days in what month question is not written correctly. If its refering to a leap year the year should be added.

  • No you may want to you f**king idiot. I'm smarter than you and you whole entire ugly family. Don't downgrade me into thinking I would become a worthless piece of failure like you are. I'm above you and you know it.

  • no, every month has 28 days in it, regardless off leap year, other than taht i didnt see problem with quiz. People though 10 with pilot was stupid, read the first part of it...haha, and its referring to plant green house, all but 9 are left standing meaning 9..

  • The Horse question is incorrect. There will be only 24 horses left as they are dead. The other horses got scared as hell and ran away. Imagine the real situation.

  • 93%
    That horse one is where I messed up.

    And Civoksay, if it's spelt greenhouse, we know they're talking about a plant greenhouse, if it's spelt green house, we know it's a house made of green bricks.

  • based on the following information can you tell what the pilots name is. the correct answer is no. yes i know my own name but i cant get my name based on the information provided; which is what the question asked no one could. if your going to be sarcastic dont be dumb, its irritating

  • It said what two coins make 30 cents and one is not a nickel, but they said the right answer was a quarter and a nickel THEY ARE IDIOTS

  • This is really similar to another quiz I took on here... brain teaser quiz or something, same questions and everything, lawsuit or something.

  • Ummm the question about the months doesnt work unless the year is 2007! I took this test in April 2008 so next year there will be one day with 28 days, not 0.

  • I love how they try to get smart:

    Next September, she'll be holding a 2008 calender... a LEAP YEAR...

    Every month has 28 days you jackass

  • this quiz sucks i got everything right dumbo and i used wrong answers and got them all right idiot

  • hehe i know how to get 100%! i did this cause i'm bored so here r the answers.........

    1. 3
    2. lee
    3. glass
    4. none of the above
    5. yes
    6. 33
    7. 11
    8. 0%
    9. 0
    10. yes (ect.)
    11. the president
    12. 0
    13. 2007 quarters
    14. a quarter and a nickel

    ok....... . that is it........ i'm still bored..... o well now u know the answers

    x aka mrlq x
  • k call me an idiot but i don't get the quarter one! a quarter in 1908 would be worth $5.70 in todays money after adjusting for inflation.

  • I am so good I got 100%

  • Question number 9 is wrong. The correct answer is 12, not 0 - since all 12 months have 28 days in them.

  • Wow that was IMPOSSIBLE

  • you have to be s---ting me! This quiz isnt close to complicated, i only got three wrong and i looked over them nd felt so stupid i didnt get it!

  • Hey kayla_enjoi08,

    You 're right, all months have 28 days, but possible answers only went to 5, not 12, dumbass! DUH!

    I missed only one question. The 28 day one, since I took it in 2008.

  • So 0 months have 28 days? I guess in a "calender" they do. In a "calendar" all 12 months have 28 days.

  • um this quiz is sooooo stupid! i mean there are 28 days in all of the months!


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