How dumb are you?

There are many tests that show how smart you are. There are many tests that show how athletic you are. And there are many tests ask completely trivial questions. This test, however, asks how dumb you are.

You may think you are smart or average. But you may be surprised. Thanks to me, you are only thirteen questions away from knowing how dumb you are. Please be honest on these questions.

Created by: Blue Jet
  1. In which of this situations is the horse able to reach the hay and eat it?
  2. Which weighs more: a billion kilos of cotton or a million kilos of steel?
  3. A white house is white. A red house is red. A black house is black. What color is a green house.
  4. A couple is walking down a street. They have two kids. Those kids have three kids each. Those kids have three dogs each. How many are walking down the street.
  5. You are trapped in a house with no way to get out, no nothing. How do you survive?
  6. In which of the following situations will there be no people getting wet?
  7. There is hole that is 1 foot deep, 1 foot long, and 1 foot wide. How much dirt is in this hole?
  8. What is the circumference of a square with a radius of 5 units?
  9. Solve this equation. 76{45,00[98({-72+653}0)7850392]46}87
  10. "What is your age?" is the ______ question I asked you.

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Quiz topic: How dumb am I?