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  • 1% positive

    MyChemicalBrenod Jan 11 '16, 9:58PM
  • Wowww 50% exactly in the middle!! Is that good?? :P Lol...

    ChloeFailed Jun 18 '12, 1:24PM
  • avarage!

    skatterbrain Nov 7 '11, 3:34AM
  • I got 3% positive

    ace77 Dec 13 '10, 7:00PM
  • I got 83%. I love the world and I think this is an awesome quiz.

    Jace May 11 '10, 12:24PM
  • 33%..... hmm sounds too high. lol. great quiz though.

    mk09 Apr 25 '10, 2:51PM
  • 40%... Such a nice quiz.

    I like music Dec 18 '09, 10:18AM
  • Wooooo! Thanks everyone! XD *Gives a cookie to everyone LoL* :)

    Bambi Nov 11 '09, 12:00PM
  • love yer quiz bambi

    fernando Oct 31 '09, 11:30AM
  • Yay I am 74% positive. And I loved the quiz!!!! It was awesome!!

    AlyssaG Aug 9 '09, 10:43PM
  • Aww thanks Anastasia! :D You rock! Im/

    Bambi Aug 3 '09, 10:17AM
  • 57% Positive
    Well, I'm 100% positive I liked this quiz :D

    Anastasia Jul 31 '09, 10:00PM
  • Aww, thanks rachcab21! You rock. :D

    Bambi Jul 31 '09, 7:37AM
  • Hey Bambi! I had 13%. I guess I suck. It was a awesome quiz-its just like you! :) ROCK ON!

    rachcab21 Jul 29 '09, 7:40PM
  • Thanks people for taking my quiz - you all officially rock! :D

    I've made a couple more, too, if you want to try them out:

    *Which of these star signs are you?
    *What type of love are you?
    *How socially acceptable are you?
    *The Take Over Story

    Thanks again, Bambi x

    Bambi Jul 17 '09, 2:38PM
  • 51% haha true

    Carri04 Jun 25 '09, 1:26AM
  • I'm more negative than 54%

    Nallie Jun 8 '09, 10:19PM
  • im not negative im postive sometimes but rly good quiz

    cutiepie2011 May 26 '09, 8:48PM
  • im not negative im postive sometimes but rly good quiz

    cutiepie2011 May 26 '09, 8:46PM
  • i got 57%

    KamiV May 17 '09, 12:07AM
  • megasence thanks! :) I'm currently making another one on which singer/band are you most like. I'll post it on here when I finally finish it.

    girls rule the quiz never fails... You must just be negative. It doesn't mean your a bad person or anything it just means you're... negative. :)

    ashza09 yes, sadly, it is true.

    Bambi May 9 '09, 4:25PM
  • 0% i love life! WTF

    ashza09 May 4 '09, 7:47PM

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