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  • You are 91% depressed.

    You are very likely to be depressed. You should go and see your doctor, because the results you have shown are very high.

    this is all the way true i am very depressed. even the psychiatrist diagnosed me. but no doctor or therapist is going to help me. im a burden and i dont want to bother them anyway. besides.. they dont really care. they have TONS of other people they are dealing with too. im not going to be their main focus. im depressed and ive lost all hope and its gonna be like that forever..

  • Seventy percent depressed,I hate myself and just wish I was gone I'm so tired of waking up and being threanted as soon as I start my day. It seems like happiness will never come for me and I'm tired of trying to chase for it.

  • Apparently in 77 percent depressed and on another quiz i got that i have MPD

    Sierra Russell

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