How Dallas Class of 1997 are you??

Dear Class of 1997 - the following questions will test your skills and memory on the funny stories from the year we graduated. Luckily - there are a lot of new funny stories --- but this quiz test your ability to remember the old ones.

Don't worry - if you score poorly, there is still time to hone your skills -- but it may require some bonding time. Perhaps a party over the Christmas holiday is in order! GOod luck!!!

Created by: Adrienne

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  1. Where were Justin, Devin, Fran, and Jerry all employees at the same time?
  2. Where was 'the meeting spot' to leave cars - when we were going to Wilkes-Barre?
  3. What was the name of the hotel that we stayed at in Ocean City - during the summer of 1997?
  4. Who was Mark's 'babysitter' hired by his parents to prevent parties?
  5. What is Justin's dad affectionately known as to the guys?
  6. Who came uninvited to Adrienne's party at her parents house and almost broke the shower?
  7. Who did Aaron most like to impersonate - which made the girls go wild! :)
  8. What shape did we arrange the chairs on the football field into, the night before graduation?
  9. What was thrown out the window of Heather's Chevy Celebrity - the night that we were arrested?
  10. Who was responsible for chipping Adrienne's tooth, during a rowdy game of pitch after Sr. Night?
  11. What did Christy wear to the party she hosted the summer after graduation?
  12. What drink did Scott frequently stock at his camping parties - to get the ladies 'tipsy'?
  13. What was the name of our prom song, Sr. Year?
  14. What phrase did Liz violently scream at Mr. Wagner, in a fit of rage?

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