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okay! how cute ae you? take this quiz to find out! but remember youm can be cute on the inside and in the inside!so dont be demastated if you are not very cute!

I dont have much time so I am just going to wright some nonsence but ths but if the what ! the people? gkive the pery to some catds and wagons. ogh and remember this is gibberish.

Created by: underdog9 of disney
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  1. It~s summer you...
  2. People describe you as..
  3. Do you have a boyfriend?
  4. If the world was ending... do you think you would be a suviver?
  5. do little kids stick thier tonges at you?
  6. what is your favorite animal?(just for fun)
  7. OK!!!!!!
  8. do you like this quiz?
  9. how cute do you think you will be
  10. okay, last quiston. so a little boy suddenly kicks you in the leg you...

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