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  • hell yeah. 100%, baby! I AM creative! I draw everything from random designs from my own head to manga to demons and robots and mecha to fantasy creatures! Not so big on landscapes, though. I love to write. Especially thriller stories and horror stories. Violent scary ones. 18+, too bad, kids. Not to brag, though, but I am the top English student in my class. Kids, to spice up your essays, use a thesaurus and dictionary to put in interesting verbs, adjectives and synonyms! That's one big step to making your work more interesting. For example "I killed him" would = "I brutally, mercilessly, slaughtered his pathetic, cowardly soul with such violence that there is no forensic evidence of ME, committing this act!". Got it? Stuff like that! ;)

  • You are 100% creative!

    OKAY!!!! I ADMIT IT!!! I am stunned that you are this creaitve, kiddos for you!!! You are so awesome, one day you are going to be sucessful!

    Hahah a, heck yes! lol


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