How Creative Are You?

How often do you create and do you enjoy art as much as you think you do? Have fun with this little quiz but don't take it too seriously because you should create to where you are comfortable!

This quiz should determine how creative you are and how much you enjoy art. If you are a little creative you might even be surprised by the simple outcomes of this quiz.

Created by: Yolo4Chicken

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  1. Are you easily distracted?
  2. Do you often doodle?
  3. Have you ever taken art class?
  4. Do you ever feel the need to improve what you've drawn?
  5. Do you know how to use computer drawing software?
  6. Have you ever crafted?
  7. Does you think of ways to improve things such as design, decor, or decorations in general?
  8. Do you consider yourself an artist?
  9. Are you confident in your art?
  10. Do you enjoy taking photos?
  11. Lastly, are you called creative?

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Quiz topic: How Creative am I?