Is your dystopian story cliche?

There are a bunch of dystopian tales in the media right now. To be a successful one you need to make your own tropes and create a truly unique and special story. A dystopian is a genre that means 'false dystopian' which uses a over exaggeration of today's societies to create a commentary on social issues.

Can YOU create a successful dystopian? Do you have the creative writing skills to make a wonderfully unique story to tell an epic tale? Find out by taking this overly long quiz to see if you can be one of the greats!

Created by: Robin Nathan
  1. Does Your Story include a totalitarian government? (The likes of North Korea or WWII Germany)
  2. Is there a love triangle?
  3. Is there a weird game or trial? (The likes of Divergent, Hunger Games or The Maze Runner?)
  4. (Piggy Backing on the previous question) Does this test/game include life or death situations?
  5. Is the country split into groups/factions/coteries/etc based on social castes?
  6. How did this dystopia come to be?
  7. Is there a token character (Racially Distinct,Female, nerd or Overweight) that is killed out of nowhere?
  8. What Point of View is your story in?
  9. Is there a rebellion?
  10. Which phrases best describe your protagonist? (You can see the difference in character complexities.)
  11. Does you story fit dystopia? (1.Disease Ridden, Overpopulated, Sloppy Government control, etc?) or (2.Pseudo dictatorship with a government keeping it's people safe from emotions)
  12. Are the adults evil?
  13. Is the main protagonist a genetically special snowflake?
  14. Is the history kept secretive?
  15. [Spoilers] How does your story end?
  16. Are there any coming of age ceremonies?
  17. Any weird boundaries around the city?
  18. [Final Question] You made it? Did you find this quiz enjoyable? [Does NOT count towards score]

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Quiz topic: Is my dystopian story cliche?