How crazy are you?

Oh great. This quiz is taking so long. If your bored why not take this quiz to find out how crazy you really are and why not show your freinds too good fun !

are you crazy or normal? We'll take this quiz to see if you are crazy or not .have fun and mayn't show your freinds if they are intrested in this.have fun!

Created by: Charlotte

  1. Your dad is hanging off a cliff what do you do?
  2. You accident,y drop your favourite slice of cake on your dog. You:
  3. You are stranded on a mountain in the middle of a blizzard of more mountains. You:
  4. Bannas in pyjamas are coming down the stairs . . .
  5. You have ran out of clean pants. You:
  6. You hear your freind say that you are crazy you:
  7. You are watching the Lord of the rings when suddenly after hours smeagol pops up. You:
  8. You see a dot of toothpaste on the wall. You :
  9. You've ran out of toilet rolls again. You:
  10. Some old guy in the street throws a tonne of wrapped sweets on you so that they drop on the floor like it's raining then he runs away. you:
  11. You wake up one morning and you find out you are in your bathtub. You:
  12. There's a green giraffe in your food cubbord. You:

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Quiz topic: How crazy am I?