How cool are you?

People find it hard to measure coolness. However, we are confident that we have found the exact scientific formula and method of determining one's level of coolness. This may seem out of the ordinary, however you may be happy to know that simply by taking this quiz you are one step closer to being cool like the creators of this quiz.

If you don't agree with the questions on this test or with your results, you obviously just aren't cool. Thanks bye, Come again.. Good luck.. Have fun taking the quiz. Come again soon for another quiz by us... it will be even better.

Created by: annie
  1. If you had a stapler, where would you put it?
  2. Who's the best player in Mario Kart?
  3. Do you carry a backpack to school?
  4. So far this quiz...
  5. What kind of stickers would you put on your wall?
  6. My major in school is...
  7. What do you call out to your roomates when you walk into the door of your apartment?
  8. What do you do when your house is too cold?
  9. What is it called when you change in front of the window?
  10. Out of these phrases, which are you most likely to say?
  11. What do you most often have for dinner?

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Quiz topic: How cool am I?