How competitive are you?

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Do you want to know how competitive you are? If so, take this quiz! This quiz will test you on different situations and please do your best! Be honest!

Competitiveness is not a bad thing but it can sometimes be a bit annoying to your friends. Please be honest with this quiz and give it a big green smiley! Thanks!

Created by: Lisa
  1. What do you think you are more competitive in?"
  2. You are playing Soccer, your team is not very good, you know you are MUCH better then them. The ball goes to your worst player and you know if they don't score you will lose the game. What do you do?
  3. Your school is having "Color War." You really like participating. Why though?
  4. Do you cheat to win? ( Trick others into thinking they won so they end up losing )
  5. Do you think you are competitive?
  6. Your school decides to put on a competition on something you are passionate about. What do you do?
  7. Do you get mad when someone beats you in a game?
  8. How much money will you pay someone to let you win?
  9. Do you enjoy winning?
  10. Do others say you are competitive? (Ask someone if you don't remember)
  11. Competitions are they only thing that matters in life.
  12. Competitions are VERY important in life.
  13. Do you like competing alone more, with one other person more, or with a group more?
  14. Would you loose a friend to win a big competition?
  15. Final Question! Around how many competitions have you competed in?

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Quiz topic: How competitive am I?