Are you stronger than me?

In this quiz, you will see how strong you are compared to me, a 12 year old boy who works out every day after school. There are 12 questions in this quiz.

If you are younger than 12 or older than 13, then don't take this quiz as it won't be competitive or interesting at all. If you are 12 or 13, things could get competitive and interesting real fast.

Created by: Jack Will
  1. How old are you? (If you aren't any of these ages, then don't take this quiz because it won't be interesting at all)
  2. How often do you work out?
  3. When you workout, how long do you workout for?
  4. How many pushups can you do without a break?
  5. Now, get a friend who is 12 years old and fit. Armwrestle him/her. Who wins?
  6. Now get a friend who is 12 years old and not fit. Armwrestle him/her. Who wins?
  7. How many bicep curls can you do with a 5kg weight? (Without a break)
  8. What type of build so you have?
  9. Did you have a fight recently? If so, who won?
  10. How many punches can you take before you run?
  11. Someone challenges you to an armwrestle. You...
  12. Finally, what type of muscles do you have?

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Quiz topic: Am I stronger than me?