how colorado are you?

Are you Colorado. Do you love the outdoors or do you live somewhere flat and everyone knows your a tourist. People may look at you weird because of your accent

Are you Colorado. Do you go skiing a lot. Or camping. How Colorado are you really or are you a flat landed tourist? Find out with this cool quiz now!!

Created by: Abby morrison

  1. Can you ski or snowboard?
  2. What was the blizzard of 03?
  3. Would you pay 10$to go up pikes peak?
  4. You love camping!
  5. You don't know which way is west without mountains
  6. You get annoyed when the humidity is over 24%
  7. You know what rocky mountain oysters are
  8. Only tourists get lost in your town
  9. You stop on the road to take pics pf deer
  10. It snows every Easter and haloween

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Quiz topic: How colorado am I?