How college-liberal are you?

Within society, a new form of liberal has formed. It is not the hippy of old, but rather a new breed that many would describe as at least culturally Marxist.

Are you a college liberal, a classical liberal or not a liberal at all? Well, get your hot chocolate, grab a blanket, put away your coloring books and let's remember that Donald Trump was elected President!

Created by: The Momo
  1. Who did you vote for for president 2016 (or would have if you could)?
  2. Do you support Black Lives Matter?
  3. Did you send money to Bernie's campaign?
  4. 'Refugees Welcome'?
  5. Is the idea of regulating borders problematic?
  6. Should speech be regulated as to not offend minority groups?
  7. Do you believe in regulating or banning guns?
  8. Have you ever found yourself hoping that a mass shooter was a white male?
  9. Should there be demographic quotas in hiring?
  10. Do you believe that people can be healthy at any size?
  11. Do you believe that trigger warnings and or safe spaces should be employed on campus?
  12. Which faith do you view more favorably?
  13. Are you concerned that all Muslims are being blamed for a tiny minority?
  14. Is the belief in God rooted in ignorance?
  15. Have you watched CNN or MSN, read Huffington Post or Vox unironically in the last year?
  16. Do you view Michael Moore in a positive light?
  17. Are you a fan of Sarah Silverman or Amy Schumer?
  18. If you had a daughter, would Beyonce be a good role model for her?
  19. Do you believe that there is a problem with the 'overrepresentation' of whites in Hollywood?
  20. Can anything be art?
  21. Do you believe that Blacks, Hispanics, Jews or any other minority ethnic group holds superior qualities to the white population?
  22. Are people who have had more than one sexual partner less appealing?
  23. Are people who have had more than five sexual partners less appealing?
  24. Is a person who transitions to the opposite sex just as much of a wo/man as someone who was born that way?
  25. Did you find the use of the term 'opposite sex' problematic?
  26. Is it transphobic to say that you would never have sex with a transexual?
  27. Is it problematic to turn down a woman because she does not conform to your own views of beauty?
  28. Is there a rape culture in the Western World (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe)?
  29. Would you ever considering watching your partner make love to another person?
  30. Should the wealthy be taxed to give to the poor?

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Quiz topic: How college-liberal am I?