How Christmas are you

Christmas is a time you should all get together and enjoy - not getting so drunk you can not remember it, but merry enough to not mind kissing great granny. Have a great time all of you.

Well I hope you score a high mark and go on to enjoy a great time. If you did not, try harder next year. Remember the sales start on Boxing Day but the prices will be further reduced in February.

Created by: munkeh

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  1. Are you looking forward to Christmas?
  2. Have you got all your presents yet?
  3. How much do you spend on Christmas presents (average per person)?
  4. Do you get your Christmas cards in the sales in January?
  5. Do you like carol singers?
  6. Do you go out to the Boxing day sales?
  7. When should the build up to Christmas start?
  8. Do you give more than you receive?
  9. Do you just get drunk on Christmas day?
  10. What are you doing Christmas Day?

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Quiz topic: How Christmas am I