How Chicago Are You?

Are you a "real" Chicagoan? Take this test! Even if you have lived in Chicago for the past ten years, you should be able to get a lot of the questions.

Some of the questions are tricky, or have some multiple answers. Some correct answers are worth more! You might know more than a Chicagoan who has only been living here for the past ten years!

Created by: DonHag

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  1. Rogers Park, Humboldt Park, Beverley, Chatham, and Jefferson Park are:
  2. Ravenswood, West Chesterfield, Little Village, Sauganash, and Dearborn Park are:
  3. Macy's is...
  4. After a bad snowstorm, I...
  5. "New Town" is now:
  6. Dispensa's Kiddie Kingdom...
  7. A "bodega" is...
  8. ORD. What does it mean? And where does it come from?
  9. Chicago is known as the "Windy City" because:
  10. "4000 North" is:
  11. The last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series was:
  12. U of I or UIC?
  13. Jewel, Kroger, Von's, or Safeway?
  14. Cheeseheads are:
  15. Who started the Chicago Fire?
  16. Which is tallest?
  17. "The Loop" is:
  18. Dorothy Tillman, Jane Byrne, and Maria Pappas are:
  19. "The Son of Svengoolie" is:
  20. LSD is:
  21. Garfield Goose is to Frasier Thomas as:
  22. Eisenhower, Kennedy, Dan Ryan, Bishop Ford and Stevenson are:
  23. Munster, Dyer, Merrilville, East Chicago, and Hammond are:
  24. "Chicago" means:
  25. Buddy Guy's is:
  26. Joliet is:
  27. Lincoln Park is:
  28. The current mayor of Chicago is:

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Quiz topic: How Chicago am I?