how can i tell if he like me

Everyone has once wondered if there crush likes them as much as they liked them,right?Well if you take this quiz you will be answered.This quiz will also inform you about true friends and those infamous fake ones!The ones that are down with you for life and the ones that arent!GOOD LUCK

Have you ever wondered if your crush likes you?If you amswered yes,then look no further!This test will tell you all the answers you need to know about you and crushes future relatoinship!Does he love you? Does he love her?All your answers lie in this quiz...........

Created by: jada

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  1. as you pass your crushes lunch table,you drop your tray and everthing hits the floor.he responds by:
  2. your birthday is a week away and your friends confess they've invited your crush to the party.when he arrives he:
  3. when your teacher assigns a project with the options of choosing a partner,your crush reacts by:
  4. on v-day,your teacher passes out carnations to the class.she hands you yours and one of them is from your crush!is it:
  5. at the winter ball,the last love song is playing.Is your crush:
  6. when cramming for midterms in the library you see your star sweetie walking,going nuts with the biology questions,your hoping for some help he stops and:
  7. just like your dream promised,you picked up the phone and its yoyr crush on the line asking:
  8. at the home coming game you see your crush in the stands as you are riding by in a float dressed as the school mascot.he see you and:
  9. youre lookin through your locker, when everything falls out on the floor.does your crush say:
  10. at the movies you and your girlfriends spy your crush with his buds,what does he do:
  11. at the movies you and your girlfriends spy your crush with his buds,what does he do:

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