How Californian are you

People always say that they are Californan, and that they were born there. So Californians of America, go ahead and brag about your state!! Californoans Rock!!!!!

Are You Californian? Take this quiz to see if you are CA material of if you are from some other lame state.(americans only).Just take the quiz!Stop reading this!!!Thats all I need to say.

Created by: Cali100
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  1. First we will start with your accent When you say the words collar and caller, do they rhyme?
  2. Do you say the folowing words on a regular basis: Dude, awesome, totally, like,yeah right,lol,soda
  3. What is your style?
  4. Its the middle of winter in SoCal. What do you wear?
  5. Do you know what wax is used for on the beach?
  6. You are walking through ChinaTown, where are you?
  7. What is the name of the famous street in Los Angeles?
  8. Do you like this quiz so far?
  9. Lol! What does that stand for?
  10. Do you like this quiz NOW?

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Quiz topic: How Californian am I