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  • I first want to start off by saying whoever created this quiz should be ashamed of themselves...especially if he/she is degrading towards your own kind. The title itself is inappropriate and this quiz exemplifies your individual ignorance. To suggest that black people only wear sneakers or only live in the hood or speak bad grammar puzzles me for two reasons....1)slavery ended in 1965 and since then black people have evolved tremendously into corporate america, and I dont remember sneakers being considered business professional. 2) These things that are being considered "BLACK" behavior are the exact things that white people do themselves...but i guess the creator of the quiz chose to forget about that simple fact. BOTTOM LINE: You would be better off creating a "How Racist Are You" quiz.....and regardless of your particular race, you have made it clear that you yourself would score 100%.

  • I'm thinking that whoever created this quiz is an idiot. First, I don't think a real Black person would demean him/her self and their race with all of these negative so called survival traits. All you have succeeded in doing is bringing out the racist comments. I'm thinking that that was your goal. Congratulations. You have been exposed. By the way, I am 100% African and don't need you or anyone else to define me.

  • Sodoff, you are exposing your reluctance to admit that your origins were, IN FACT,BLACK. Try as you might, your ancestry began in Africa. Your people may have migrated to the colder climes, but originally they were in the equatorial heat of Africa....Blacker than I am today. Sodoff, there is no way you can color it any other way. That is a historical fact. You are white now but your forefathers were BLACK.

  • the producer of this quiz is a moron, being a black person does not mean you are hopeless. every nationality has it's own good and bad, if you doubt it, reveal your nationality, lets check out its history. you are a good example of the bad character in your natinality. even an orangutan has a higher intelligence quotient than you do.

  • I honestly think, as an American(who gives a rats what race I am) that this is racist at worst and ignorant at best. Who the hell seriously runs around "keeping it real?" only a foolish person. Get out the lemming party and be your own person..sheesh..

    ( and yes I took the test and got a if)

  • 82% black. I’m not even black I’m white, but I have grown up in a VERY VERY VERY black neighborhood. Aka I’m literally the only white person where I live, I live with one of my friends and she lives in West Chicago, AKA the hood of Chicago.

  • who ever created the quiz is a moron, every race has its good and bad sides, no race is perfect. if you dout, reveal your race and we will check out its history. you are a good example of a bad character in your race. even the lowest orangutan has better IQ than you do. use the little time you have, to make your sorry life less miserable.

  • they said i'd last 6 days in the hood, this was dukb but i took it anyway... and cherishbieber, you are truly a idiot, white people came to america from europe not freakin africa!! Obviously white people and black have waaay different people! jeez pick up a history book!!

    • You are the Definition of stupid... my God. Typical American here thinking everything is about their "great"-country. It's true that the people who discovered AMERICA came from Europe.

      But all Humans come from Africa.

      You get it now? It got nothing to do with America

      "Jeez pick up a history book"

  • 50% black! Lmao, the score should be higher on the list because I'm a black female that always thinks about my hair and I know when to be serious.

  • you guys are so stupid.
    our whole human ace came from
    afri so get over yourselfs.
    everyon e on this f---ing earth is black
    but man people had migrated fro africa

    in early times thats why all the races features are


    like since black ppl hve nappy hair and ar dark its

    because we stayed in africa and the sun dried out our scalps and gave us suntans and for the rest you lived in milder climates sooo you stayed fair skinned its like shutupp seriously stop hating black people dumb assees

  • Ummm I'm 100% black and black doesn't mean ghetto!!!!God, I am really starting to regret the Civil Rights movement.

  • You are 43% BLACK

    i think you should be like half and half or something but you have a little black in you but just a little. You would maybe last a 6 days in the hood...

    Im 100% Black....
    Im Not Mixed With AnyThing...
    Okai iGuess....
    Kinda Weird...

  • I got 76% black. But trust me I'm white af. This quiz is rubbish. I'm so white that it's difficult for me to even get a tan cause I always get burnt but never tan.

  • I hate white kids who think they're black but are just fagets who have nothing better to do. I don't hate african americans though. I have plenty of frineds who are black and I think there ok.

  • all you people are crying about how racist this is. thats why dave chappelle no longer has a show. people that think there opinions actually matter.. i'm white and i got 100%. it about where you come from... you people have no clue about life...

  • Who created this quiz, Michael Scott? This quiz should be entitled how "ghetto" are you, not how black are you.

  • 76%. It is a bit stereotypical, but all of the quizzes are. I'm only part Black.

  • I'm 68% black. Man...if only I could be 100%! It's been my life long goal to be black. Then maybe I could get handouts and food stamps. One day...

  • not at all accurate

    according to the maker of this quiz, everybody is black

    i'm not a bit black, and i got 64%

  • You're*

  • cherishbieber, you claim the human race came from africa (which is JUST A THEORY, amongst many), but you forget (conveniently) to say that in that era, africa was cold and MOST LIKELY those humans WHERE WHITE!!

  • racist quiz, not all blacks live in the ghetto, and this was basically testing how hard ur life is.

  • excuse me I'm not black I'm white and pale. I somehow got around 50 percent.

  • 86% black? lmao i'm a short white girl who cusses everybody out constantly.

  • Hey people...


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