how bipolar are you

there are many bipolar peolpe,but few actually know they are or what type they are.bipolar person is aperson overly sensitive in a way and this problem needs to be solved, so take the quiz and learn your bipolar

are you bipolar?if so do u know how much?i bet not you probably thought they're was only one type bipolar but no there's many types and levels only some are listed in this quiz as results

Created by: monique

  1. say your in a school and you see your friend talking someone love much saying ur stupid while at you with a big smile what you gonna say when you see her next time
  2. alright so your walking home from school with ur cousin when they walk start she all happy then all of sudden you stop at the corner you talking to someone so is she but then her conversaton ends she start saying .....lets go my mom said i got go clean 10 secs later huhhhhhhhh letss go damn what do u say when you get home/walk down the street
  3. how many times a day do you find yourself cursing
  4. why did u take quiz
  5. rate your owm bipolarness on a scale of one to ten
  6. how many times a day do you get called crazy and or bipolar
  7. what would your friends/family rate you on bipolarness scale
  8. in they hall at school typical conversation for you is hey girl.hey.bye .girl.i hate you smiley face.and i never liked you your ugly and dumb mad serious face
  9. how many friends do you have,true friends
  10. do u enjoy this quiz well it really does not matter but have blessed life heres your results

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Quiz topic: How bipolar am I