Sickly in Love ~1

This is my first quiz that is like this so it may not be perfect. You are an anorexic 17 year old girl that doesn't talk because of something tragic that happened in her past which you will have to wait to find out. You are the only girl in a boys boarding school and you hate that your parents made you go. Paragrah two.....

Enjoy the quiz and don't forget to rate, comment and...wait is there anything else... Well do whatever else.Enjoy! Oh and, Stay swesome my crazy peoples!!

Created by: Angelxxx

  1. I was in the car on my way to a new boarding school, the fifth school I've been to this year. Its an all boys school and they volentered to take me in as the only girl due to me disease and the fact that no other school in the country wanted to take the anorexic kid that doesn't speak. I can speak but I choose not to.
  2. My mom and dad gave me a smile but I could tell they were scared that I wouldn't last at this school. I smiled back and continued drawing in my book, I'm a very creative person so my picture was of a girl eaing her own heart.
  3. I was listening to music when we pulled up at a posh beatiful school. I got out sudently thinking if I was dressed ok, wait I don't care. I'm wearing a grey hoodie, a grey beanie, black skinny jeans, black boots and black mascara. My black hair was loose and my forest green eyes were the only popping colour on my pale skin.
  4. My mom and I walked into the schools main building making heads turn, but I don't care. They gave me a key to my room and when I went in there was a twin sized bed, a t.v, a telephone with numbers for people on campus, a bathroom with a shower and bathtub, a HUGE closet,a couch and a coffee table, the whole room was themed black and aqua blue. I loved it.
  5. I smile at my mom to tell her I like it and put my bag down. My dad already brought my 2 huge boxes filled with the stuff I love, my luggage bag and my duffel bag. He also set up my bed with my black covers. I gave my mom and dad a quick hug because I don't like being touched and then my mom was crying. I gave her a stern look but a smile was on my face showing that a was happy.
  6. After they left I went out to find someone to help me find my classes, even though I only start work tomorrow. I locked my door and went downstaird to the reception. I scanned my surounding and spotted a lady that workd here, most likely the house lady. I walked to her and waved hi, she waved hi back and then asked me what I needed. I pointed to me classes and made a I don't know face. "I will ask someone to show you around, darling." She said with a smile. She went and came back with a tall handsome boy, he had hazel eyes, pitch black hair and tanned skin. "_____ this is Tallon, Tallon this is _____, she's the first and maybe only girl to attend our school." "How are you _____??" He asked in a deep huskey voice. "She doesn't talk, she can if she wanted to but she doesn't." She explained. He lloked surprised but everyone is when they me. "Can you show her around please??" The lady asked, I need to learn her name. I pulled out my not pad and wrote 'what is your name??' In the corner on my page. I showed it to her and she smiled and said "you can call me Mrs Lounge." I would laugh at this but I don't laugh in public.
  7. "Come on let's go" Tallon siad in his british acsent, most girls would swoon but it just makes me roll my eyes. After our little...corection long tour we were back outside my dorm room. I waved bye and closed me door in his face before he could say anything to me. Then I collapsed on my bed and fell asleep.
  8. I woke up to a knock on the door. Startled I got up, tied my hair in a high poney and made sure my face didn't look like I was run over by a tractor then stampled by a cow. I opened the door to find a bunch of boys outside my door. "Holy s---, they weren't joking when they said a girl moved in this room and was accually going to this school." So I woke up 30min early because the douches didn't think a girl went to their school, I rolled my eyes and slammed the door in all their sorry faces.
  10. Bye!

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