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  • Okay so first of all I could not understand a word you said, you make no sense, nothing you said had really anything to do with the matter. I wasn't lying but your stupid quiz said I was. I honestly think YOUR the bipolar person here.

  • No, I didn't answer truthfully because your grammar sucked. Please, go back to the second grade. Maybe if I could read and understand it I would answer it. =D

  • incorrect grammar, so much incorrect grammar. I am not a liar even though I answered truthfully throughout the whole thing and you sound like a mean girl so, yeah, just plain unfulfilling quiz!

  • Ok, horrible grammar. Nothing you said made sense. Oh and don't accuse people of lying, it makes you look like an a--hole sooooo stop okie lil sugar cookie :)

  • im not trying to hate, but you need to work on your typing/spelling. and i did not lie on that quiz. so, if anything, you are the lier. or would that just make you an accuser. im not sure. never the less, not the worst quiz, but certainly not the best.

  • ........ Damn quiz said o didn't answer truthfully. Hmm that's okay.

  • i answered completely truthfully even though it said i didnt. Im not bipolar well maybe a little but i mostly just get mad easily at ppl i dont u. u sound bipolar to me :D

  • No grammar you need to stop first of all i was not lying so stfu and get a life


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