How big of an effect could you make?

Well, since im already quite for a long time and didnt put any kind of arts teaser or Wip. So here it is, i have been working on a project called Project Gunplay, this thing is made like 1 week ago because school is busy as f---. and this one is just part of the Project Gunplay, im still working on the other one

likes you've given over the post where I talked about the future, and what does it mean for my pony music works, As I said, I am NOT leaving the fandom, and I don't intend on stopping watching the show or to stop following the fandom's creations and I'm still planning on going to a few brony conventions next year, HOWEVER, I won't be able to do any more songs or remixes that are direct about MLP, which is sa

Created by: Breymond
  1. Do you prefer-
  2. Choose-
  3. Choose a Genre-
  4. Choose a Phenomenal teaching book-
  5. Someone is about to get shot you-
  6. You're dying of Cancer, you have 24 hours left to live, you-
  7. Would you rather-
  8. Choose an Element
  9. Choose an Ability-
  10. Would you lead the world to destruction if possible?

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