What Greek God are you most like?

Hello people. You have come across my quiz about the Greek gods. So do you want to know what Greek god you are most like? Well get ready to find out... in the most awesome way!

You will be asked 12 simple questions. Some have effect on what god you are, some don't, some make absolutely no sense at all! You may or may not like this quiz. If you don't please please please make bad comments!

Created by: Skullz718
  1. What is your favorite?
  2. Who is your favorite band?
  3. What is your favorite weapon?
  4. Do you lead or follow
  5. Wololo? (no effect just for fun)
  6. Are you popular in school/work?
  7. Do you like birds?
  8. (No effect)
  9. Favorite kind of music?
  10. ARE YOUB READY TO RUMBLE? (no effect)

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Quiz topic: What Greek God am I most like?