How big of a one direction fan are you

One direction is a band that many know but do you know them the most? I don't believe you! Oh know! Prove me wrong by taking this quiz! Good luck ...

Hope you score well ! Hope you score high !Even if you don't its alright! You did your best and thats all what counts!Have a good day! Now goodbye! I love you!

Created by: Secret

  1. What is Harry Styles middle name?
  2. What 1der is a fan of body art
  3. What 1der hates water and can't swim ?
  4. Whos the youngest Directioner
  5. What 1der hates spoons?
  6. Whos irish
  7. How many people are in the band of one direction
  8. Who thought of the name of the band
  9. Whos the oldest directioner
  10. What guy likes girls that eat carrots
  11. Which One Direction member Auditioned For X Factor Twice?

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Quiz topic: How big of a one direction fan am I