how big of a Harry Potter fan are you ?

Many people who read the Harry Potter books discover things about him but few are true fans ! True fans have what it takes . But what is a true fan ? Maybe you ?

Are YOU a true fan . Do you have the power to get 100% . If you think you do then come on and take this test because you will never know if you are a true fan or not unless you take this quiz !

Created by: bananahead2

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many children does Harry Potter have
  2. Who was the Harry Potter series written by ?
  3. What is Harry Potter's middle name ?
  4. What is Harry Potter's owls name ?
  5. How many books ?
  6. How many movies ?
  7. What is Harry's auntie's name
  8. Do you own all of the books ?
  9. Do you own all of the movies ?
  10. Do you have Harry Potter posters pinned up all over your walls
  11. Do your friends tell you to stop talking about Harry Potter ?

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Quiz topic: How big of a Harry Potter fan am I ?