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  • Your Belly is 93% Big! 93%

    Whoa! Your Belly is Huge! You are probably overweight and everything physical must be a challenge for you!

    And I want bigger, too! Having a belly flop on my lap would be even better! I'm only 5'4, weigh a whopping 220 pounds, and wish my belly was bigger than it is now (40 inches around.) I love to squish my huge, ever growing belly! My goals are 300+ lbs and over 50 inches around! I want to be as big as possible while still be mobile!

    Fatty Jazzi
    • My belly is 45 inches, and I am only 5'2! My weight is 18 stone and I am also only 12 years old. My stomach usually gets in the way, and stairs are a NIGHTMARE!! However, it is nice to have a giant belly to lie on and squeeze

    • omg ur so lucky ive just started gaining im at 11 stone and also 5'2 and 12! i wanna get really fat like 300 lbs!! do u wanna be friends? if u have an insta or something ill add you

  • Im 15 and i weigh 250 pounds. My belly is 60 inches around.


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