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  • This quiz disgusts me. If it focuses on appearance, then why does it ask questions about clothes, makeup, money and popularity? I don't think I'm gorgeous or perfect, but I'm not ugly at all. I know for a fact that if I said that I had blond hair, light colored eyes, a lot of money then I would of been "beautiful." This quiz is too stereotypical and nothing has never disgusted me more.

    • I totally agree!! But this person is just focusing on what someone would think right off the bat! I get were you are coming from!

  • Not only do I agree with iDontKno, but I have a complaint of my own: the bad results were REALLY insulting. I got 33% and have never been so insulted in my life.

  • I seriously am so done with the person who made thins quiz. WHO THE F**K ARE YOU TO SAY IM UGLY!? YOUR THE UGLY ONE HERE OK SIS? You just way to confident if you're looks and have the AUDACITY to say everyone else is a piece of sh**. You need to stop it b***h.

  • Im sorry but this quiz is insulting to most everyone....

    I got a 47! Im not listening to a stupid quiz! When I look at a mirror I see a beautiful young woman!! SO THIS QUIZ NEEDS TO BE TAKEN DOWN!!!!!

  • This is soo rood. I have moles and light broown hair and brown eyes. Many people called me pretty cause there are nice. HOW DARE YOU SAY I DONT NEED A COUSTUME FOR HALLOWEEN CAUSE IM THAT UGLY.WTH! THIS IS THE MOST RUDEST QUIZ I TOOK F* YOU

    • I got 0%

      So dont be sad about yourself at least youre prettier than me :)

    • Samandsally!!! It said that!! THAT IS NOT RIGHT!!!!!


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