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  • I agree with Firey_Soul. To find out if someone's beautiful you need more questions and not just yes or no ones. Some of the questions you had are a bit silly like the boyfriend one. Heaps of beautiful people manage fine without clutching to their boyfriend.

  • Sorry about the questions. I can't judge you because I can't see you in person. Plus, I will never judge anyone. So, to say it again, sorry about the questions.

  • I don't like your 'do you have a BF' question. Just because I'm single doesn't mean I'm ugly. There are a lot of single people who are attractive. So there.

  • I agree with fierysoul-I'm not allowed to date until after high school:( and just cuz I don't wear only a little makeup doesn't mean I use too much:/

  • Beauty is not ur popilarity or if u have a boyfriend or not. Its about what in the inside.

    Rainbow Poptartz
  • cool quiz


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